Battle Flashlight Review

I can’t believe I never had the Battle Flashlight in my 30 years as a private security agent. It is brighter than the flashlights that were standard issue at the security firm and much lighter. I just bought a piece for my wife and two sons thanks to the special offer. I’ve dropped it a few times and it doesn’t seem to budge. Can’t wait to see how long it’s going to last.

Eric Tisdale, Jacksonville, Florida.

Are you tired of replacing your flashlight every other month? Do you feel like your flashlight just doesn’t have enough lighting power? Well, you are not alone. A lot of guys out there are struggling with less than adequate lighting tools that are too inconvenient even for the most basic lighting needs. Fortunately for you, you are going to discover a flashlight unlike any other. The Battle Flashlight comes with ground breaking lighting technology that was used in military grade equipment and space stations.

Law enforcement agents, security personnel, firemen, survivalists and hikers have all tried it out and they got nothing but praise for it. The Battle Flashlight has so far exceeded expectations of anyone who has used it. It blows all other regular flashlights out of the water in terms of performance and usability. The technology that is used in its manufacture makes it a tool that can serve you in multiple situations. Here is a quick but thorough breakdown of what this amazing tactical flashlight can do for you.

Specs of The Battle Flashlight

The critical acclaim associated with this flashlight is because of the specifications and ingenuity with which it was built. Some are calling it a smart light because it is fitted with digital memory intelligence that stores your last level of brightness before you switched it off. Whatever you think of it, here are the properties of the Battle Flashlight:

  1. Has a capacity of a whopping 1200 lumens in lighting power. In short, it’s brighter than the brightest flashlight you have ever used.
  2. Built-in zoomable lighting modes for multipurpose lighting.
  3. Waterproof in accordance to the IP65 industry standards. You can use it without any worries in wet or rainy conditions.
  4. Its body is made of aviation grade alloy of aluminum. Thus, it is light, tough and durable.
  5. Very easy to hold in hand and use thanks to the slip-resistant and anti-roll body design
  6. Small in size and compact
  7. It is protected from improper installation of batteries with reverse polarity protection.
  8. Uses only three AAA batteries or a single Lithium Ion rechargeable pack exclusive for Battle Flashlights.

The Verdict

If you are an outdoorsy kind of person, this flashlight is surely something that will come in handy. If you are camping, the bright light can easily scare off wild animals. The LED technology used in the lighting lamp makes it consume very little energy and so, it could stay on for hours without getting depleted. Make your order of the Battle Flashlight now if you want to forget about lighting problems ever again.